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About us – شركة الصفوة

Al-Safwa Law Firm, Legal Services and Real Estate Brokers, based in Iraq-Baghdad-Al-Qadisiya District, Al-Safwa is characterized by professional professionalism and full credibility in dealing with clients and clients through the management policy of the founder and consultants in various fields of law. All requirements of customers and customers that are diverse in their demands and areas.
Al Safwa Law Firm has a cadre of highly qualified lawyers who have been subjected to numerous scientific and practical tests and follow-up in the field, which has been positively reflected in providing the best services in short time. The services provided to clients are legal advice in most of the laws in force in Iraq in the field of establishing companies The establishment of its contracts and the minutes of its establishment and the work of partnership and the establishment of commercial groups and work all the activities and requirements of companies and legal businessmen, as well as with regard to international and local oil companies to provide the requirements for success In addition to dealing with local, Arab and international banks, banking companies and in the follow-up of claims for recovery of debts, recovery or collection from the government or private sector, as well as real estate claims and their property and legal conflict therein and so the company offers legal services and legal services comprehensive services from Through her lawyers and highly experienced staff who were characterized by their handling of complex and varied routine obstacles and avoiding their occurrence, events or falling into them.
(Businessmen Services)
(Corporate Law, Commercial Law and Customs)
Our company provides clients with legal services and specialized advice on the subject of the law of Iraqi companies and commercial law and their subordinates and their judgments from the Iraqi and foreign commercial companies when the legal thought is associated with commercial thought, which will be creative in the service of the beneficiary of those ideas and investment in various sectors and disciplines. This translates into proper legal advice and rigorous procedure and services provided in this context include:
1. Studies and consultations in establishing and licensing commercial projects.
2. The establishment of Iraqi and foreign companies in their field of legal and applied legal advice.
3. Establishment of factories and investment companies, foreign and local according to the Iraqi investment law.
4. Provide feasibility studies for its commercial or industrial activity and provide legal and administrative support and create the appropriate ground for the establishment.
5. Trust in all customs cases in all courts of Iraq and at various ports.
6. Free zones, border crossings, legal customs clearance and follow-up issuance of import and export certificates.
7. Making visas for foreign workers and their residency in Iraq.
8. Establishing exhibitions and seminars between foreign and local companies and holding exhibitions on Iraqi soil.
9. Holding exhibitions in European, Arab and regional countries between companies, investors, businessmen and contracting law.
10. Incorporating companies, establishing or restructuring business groups, selling and buying shares, transferring them among shareholders, multiplying them, modifying activity, in addition to canceling and liquidating the options.
11. Organizing the business of commercial agencies for individuals, institutions and companies.
12. Opening branches for local and foreign companies in all Iraqi provinces, organizing their work and preparing legal administration.
13. Opening branches of companies of the Kurdistan region in all governorates of Iraq officially.
14. Works of trademarks and trade name in respect of licensing.
15. The work of the labor law, its requirements, its claims, social and health security.
16. Formation of IPO matters and completion of loans from government and private banks and syndicated loans between companies and groups.
17. Registration of trademarks, patents and copyrights. (Trust in criminal and civil cases)
Al Safwa Law Firm aims to achieve the interests of the clients in all criminal and civil cases. This is done by the solicitation of our lawyers under the supervision and follow-up of the authorized director with real efficiency and professionalism to achieve the maximum possible results that serve the client’s interest in criminal and civil cases and other lawsuits. The damage caused by military and terrorist incidents and the transactions of political prisoners, martyrs, politicians and public retirement. In the case of criminal cases, there is a special section of criminal cases, which is to rely on the defense of our clients in the case of Whether they have been prosecuted for the crimes of theft, fraud, embezzlement, kidnapping, murder or other criminal offenses against which our clients or any other individual may be subjected, as well as if they are in the place of complaint. Of him and defendant in a criminal case, we present the legal arguments affecting the way to prove his innocence of the charge entrusted to him and thus we have achieved what the clients in all civil and criminal cases, as well as trust in cases of personal status with regard to the relationship between individuals between the commandments and judge O inheritance and the liquidation of the estate and exit transactions of marriage, divorce, and issuing all kinds of arguments and the last one of the transactions pertaining to personal status law, and thus we have provided to customers all legal services needed in the field of his works and his daily needs.

(Real estate claims, mediation and construction)
• Our company and its services include suing on behalf of our clients all claims of property ownership before the civil courts in Iraq in the event of disagreement and legal dispute between two parties with regard to real estate in kind or other in respect of cases of different origin