Al Safwa Law Firm & Legal Services is pleased to provide its services to all clients in all cases of criminal prosecution, misdemeanors and criminal offenses, and filing of discriminatory appeals and filing for the inclusion of defendants in the amnesty law as well as civil suits arising from the daily transactions of individuals and the resulting conflict between the parties in civil courts throughout Iraq Kurdistan, as well as the Arab countries and its staff members who have cases in the Administrative Court and the military judges and members of the Internal Security Forces in their cases in their respective courts within their professional jurisdiction in all military courts In Iraq and the internal security forces
We provide our services in customs cases with professional experience that satisfies the client and full knowledge of the customs law.
For customers specialized in the transfer of oil derivatives we put our services in your hands to lubricate in cases arising from violations of transport of derivatives
As well as businessmen and those interested in trade, we are concerned with the registration of Iraqi and foreign companies and obtaining licenses to carry out business officially from the competent sector
As well as the registration of non-governmental organizations and follow-up transactions for compensation for the families of martyrs and martyrs and political prisoners and get their dues

As well as a special section to mediate in the sale and purchase of real estate where we offer mediation to ensure the rights of the parties formality and objectivity and legal way of receiving the money of the seller and the buyer in civilized ways depending on the opening of bank accounts in the banks officially approved and complete the transactions of the transfer of property to the purchasers and tax accounting and other work related to real estate brokerage and presentation Photographing the property with photos of gravraphs and clips of video taken from a photography team showing the buyer the appearance of negatives and positives without the need to enter the property and disturb the occupants and because of the maintenance of the confidentiality of the completion of the sale and purchase interest The parties.