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Justice is the cornerstone of building society and state
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The mission of Al Safwa Company .. The realization of truth
The company targets
Building a fair system in which rights are equal for all

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Al Safwa Law Firm, Legal Services and Real Estate Brokers based in Iraq – Baghdad – Al Qadisiya District Al Safwa Law Firm is characterized by high professionalism and full credibility in dealing with clients through the management policy of the founder and consultants in various fields of law. Requirements of customers that are diverse in their demands and areas.
Al Safwa Law Firm has a cadre of highly qualified lawyers who have been subjected to numerous scientific and practical tests and follow-up in the field, which has been positively reflected in providing the best services in short time. The services provided to clients are legal advice in most of the laws in force in Iraq in the field of establishing companies Iraqi and foreign companies and the preparation of contracts and the minutes of founding and the work of partnership and the establishment of trade groups and work …

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Al Safwa Services

Al Safwa Law Firm & Legal Services is pleased to provide its services to all clients in all cases of criminal prosecution, misdemeanors and criminal offenses, and filing of discriminatory appeals and filing for the inclusion of defendants in the amnesty law as well as civil suits arising from the daily transactions of individuals and the resulting conflict between the parties in civil courts throughout Iraq And Kurdistan, as well as Arab countries.

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